The Micronesian Institute for Disease Prevention and Research (MIDPR) is located in Guam, the largest of the Micronesian Islands located in the South Western Pacific Ocean. The MIDPR, Guam’s largest non-profit research organization, stands at the forefront of public healthcare intervention, clinical science and epidemiology, and basic molecular and population genetics, The MIDPR seeks to ask the most fundamental questions and probe processes of important common diseases such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, hypertension and hyperlipidemia. The Institute’s mission is to establish a track record of major contributions to the betterment of public health and the human condition, particularly for the immediate benefit of the people of Micronesia. The philosophy of the MIDPR emphasizes the organization of basic epidemiological knowledge in the Micronesian area for the application of medical and material discoveries that can be translated into clinical application. The MIDPR will achieve fundamental scientific advances through interdisciplinary programs and local and international collaborations, and will educate researchers preparing to meet the scientific challenges of tomorrow.

The Institute is located on the paradise island of Guam in one of the most relaxed and beautiful areas in the world, the South Western Pacific Ocean. While the level of scientific investigation is intense, the atmosphere is collegial, relaxed, and informalĀ­ reflecting an island life style that encourages cooperation and collaboration.

MIDPR is governed by a Board of Directors and both a Community Advisory Board and a Scientific Advisory Board. Its world class clinical and research staff represents a truly cosmopolitan mixture of locally established and internationally recruited leaders in their fields. Junior investigators, postdoctoral fellows, technicians and administrative support staff are highly valued as an integral part of the team, and are given the latitude and responsibility to accomplish their tasks so as to serve the best interest of the Institute’s mission-all in an environment that actively encourages self-initiative while carefully nurturing their career development. MIDPR’s adherence to the highest scientific standards of excellence in pursuit of advancement in the status of public health in Micronesia, its emphasis on a multidisciplinary and culturally-sensitive approach to problem-solving, its philosophy of the perpetuation of knowledge through education, and its reputation for research excellence provide an unparalleled environment for the pursuit of public healthcare intervention and clinical and basic scientific research.


(671) 929-7285
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736 Route 4

Sinajana, Gu 96910

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